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14-Day Money Back Guarantee

  • Bodyweight Fitness Program for Complete Beginners (2 Workouts) - FREE

  • Basic Bodyweight Program (3 Workouts) - FREE

  • Strength & Power Bodyweight Program (4 Workouts)

  • 6-Week Level 1 Kettlebell Fitness Program for BJJ Athletes (12 Workouts)

  • 6-Week Level 2 Kettlebell Fitness Program for BJJ Athletes (12 Workouts)

  • Detailed video tutorials for each exercise

*to access FREE programs you just need to create a profile (no need for purchase).

In recent years, kettlebells gained a massive amount of popularity among professional and amateur combat athletes, including grapplers.

It is no wonder - kettlebell is an amazing piece of kit, which can help you train strength, cardio, power, and endurance when done correctly.

The problems is that kettlebell lifting is a highly technical discipline, and unfortunately the education offering in this field is still lagging behind the demand for it!

Our goal with LIFTBJJ is to bring you exciting and engaging programs to supercharge your performance on the mats, and enable your learning so you can train in a safe and effective manner.




  • Certified Kettlebell Trainer Level 2 under Steve Cotter’s IKFF (

  • National Level Kettlebell Coach under Vasily Ginko’s IUKL-IKSA

  • Anatomy in Motion Level 2

Since 2009, Dave has been training professional and amateur combat athletes and helping them get into the best shape of their lives while amplifying the sport-specific attributes.  He adopted kettlebells as the primary training tool at an early stage and also competed as a kettlebell sports athlete himself, so what you get in terms of proper kettlebell technique knowledge is top class.


Dave has very much a  'no-nonsense' approach to training - and you will witness it in the programs and tutorials. He designs workouts and programs to be fun and engaging, so you always have a variety in your training and don't get bored!

14-Day Money Back Guarantee

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