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Workout 9 | Week 5 - Day 1

Welcome to the workout #9 in this program.


Before you start, check that you are familiar with all the exercises in this workout, any that you’re not, be sure to check the tutorial videos.

You will find video demonstrations of each exercise beside the workout itself.

You will need:
1 Kettlebell
Interval Timer
Enough floor space to lie down


Set 1

Today’s session starts with a combination movement.
You have done both Turkish Get Ups and Windmills, today we put them together to give your shoulder and core a beautiful experience of moving well under load.

Start from your back, stand up using the Turkish Get Up, now perform a Windmill before reversing the Get Up and returning to the floor.
Take your time with this, there’s no call for speed, we’re looking for good control which only happens if you move at a considered pace.


Set 2

The second pairing are also combination movements, but this time we’re moving explosively.
The Thruster is a big push, combining the squat with a press, lower under control but then explode out as if you were trying to jump!
The High Pull is it’s pulling brother, you will swing the bells, but before the top of the swing, you pull the elbows back to draw the bells in towards your armpits.
You will be fully extended at the top of this movement for a split second before you guide the bells back down into the swing. Keep your head and chest high on this, don’t put your back in any unnecessary danger!

Set 3

The farmers walk at the end is simplicity itself. You lift the bells, walk three paces forward, touch them to the floor (with a straight back) then take two paces back and touching to the floor. You keep going at this, never resting the bells, for 5 minutes.
If you’re short of space, you can just walk backwards and forwards, but if you have the room see how far you can get in that 5 minutes.


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