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Workout 5 | Week 3 - Day 1

Welcome to the fifth workout in this program.


Before you start, check that you are familiar with all the exercises in this workout, any that you’re not, be sure to check the tutorial videos.

You will find video demonstrations of each exercise in the video gallery above.

You will need:
1 Kettlebell
Countdown Timer



Set 1

This is “Iron Cardio”
You need one decent size kettlebell, a clock, and some grit.


All you do is one clean and press, then one clean and squat, then one clean and lunge (forwards or backwards), then you change hands and you repeat.
Keep repeating until the clock runs out.
If you need to rest the bell, do so. I encourage people to use a challenging weight for this. But you should never find yourself with your heart in your mouth panting with exhaustion.
We should be working at a heart rate that is high but sustainable, somewhere around 140-160BPM. Talking should be possible, it’s just not recommended.


If you’re new to kettlebells, you may find the clean is hard on your hands, that will improve with better technique and also as your hands get used to the iron.


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