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Workout 3 | Week 2 - Day 1

Welcome to the third workout in this program.


Before you start, check that you are familiar with all the exercises in this workout, any that you’re not, be sure to check the tutorial videos.

You will find video demonstrations of each exercise in the video sequence above (swipe to see the next video on your mobile device)

You will need:
1 pair of kettlebells
Pull up bar / suspension trainer
Enough floor space to lie down


Set 1

Today we want to introduce you to a format training known as the “Ladder Protocol”
Having some experience with this will come in handy for other programs on Lift BJJ. Ladder training simply means we add a rep each round.
So for round one we do a single rep, on round two we do 2 reps, then 3 and so on until we hit our limit. When we hit a rep number we can’t complete, we start back at 1 and climb the ladder a second time.

This is a great way to build volume on exercises that you are struggling with or that you want to quickly improve. It’s particularly useful for bodyweight exercises, such as today’s Pull Up.

For today, use a variation on the pull up and the size of kettlebell that you can do 5 solid reps with but not 6.
Now, we go back and forth in an unhurried ladder:
1 Pull Up, 1 Press, 2 Pull Ups, 2 Presses, 3 Pull Ups, 3 Presses, then start back at 1.

You have now done 6 reps with a weight you could only manage 5 with, but by never going over 3. Clever eh?
5 rounds of this gives you 30 reps if you can get that far, if you can you can probably move up to the next weight, or add another rung to the ladder.

The press can be done with one bell, working the two arms separately, or if you have  a pair the right size, two kettlebells.


Set 2

After your 3-5 rounds, it’s circuit time. 4-6 rounds, flat out.
Now, get after it!


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