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Workout 1 | Week 1 - Day 1

Welcome to the first workout in this program.


Before you start, check that you are familiar with all the exercises in this workout, any that you’re not, be sure to check the tutorial videos.

You will find video demonstrations of each exercise beside the workout itself.

You will need:
1 Kettlebell
Interval Timer
Enough floor space to lie down


Set 1

The first two exercises are a superset. This means we alternate between the two exercises until we completed the prescribed number of reps and rounds.

The Windmill is known as a control exercise, so treat it as a skill and move fairly slow through this. Just imagine in your mind that the weight you’re using is many times more than you have, this will help create the right mindset for moving in a tight and controlled manner.
On the Lunge you can be more explosive, so long as you maintain good control.


Just be sure to take adequate rest between the two exercises to ensure quality is kept high.


Set 2

For the second section, you’ll need your interval timer. Set it for:
30 seconds work
10 seconds rest
12 rounds

This is our first conditioning circuit, so ensure you know the exercises, because once we start that timer, there’s no stopping it until it’s over.

Work as hard as you can ensuring you are using good and safe technique, and in each rest period focus on recovering as fast as possible so as to be ready for the next exercise.

Once the workout is complete, keep moving around, and keep the breathing going.
Aim to bring the breath and heart rate under control as quickly as possible by emphasising your outbreath and walking around shaking the arms and legs. Then you can spend a few minutes stretching and/or foam rolling as is your preference, focussing on the areas of the body that were working the most during the workout.


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